• Bree Rutherford

8 Reasons Why You Should Lift Your Concrete Slab

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

It's so easy to procrastinate and not address that pesky sidewalk that has seen better days, or the driveway that causes you grief every time you return home. Before you continue to procrastinate, consider the top 8 reasons why you should lift or level your concrete rather than replace it.

  1. Safety: Trip hazards can harm you, your family and allows your property to be open for unwanted liability.

  2. Cost: You can raise your concrete for less than half the price of replacing the concrete slab.

  3. Time: Your slab problem will only worsen in time, fix it now and avoid the hassle later. Raising concrete with poly foam often takes a couple of hours and is ready immediately upon completion.

  4. Appearance: Eye sores and additional structural cracks can be the result of unlevel concrete.

  5. Home Value: Trying to sell your home? First appearance is everything to a home buyer, and it can add or subtract to your bottom line.

  6. Structural Damage: When a concrete slab settles, consequently doors and windows stick and structures connected to the slab may crack and settle as well.

  7. Water Damage: Water follows the path of least resistance and a settled or sunken driveway may end up costing a homeowner more money over time in foundation repairs.

  8. Be Green: By raising your concrete you are saving your current slab from being torn out and deposited at a landfill.

The cost of an estimate is free and without obligation; although, once you see how little it cost and how much of an improvement it is, it's hard to not fix it! Reach out to our team today to schedule your estimate.

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